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Please note that the game "Cottage Garden" has been produced with a mistake on the game board. When ordering this game, you will receive an additional label which solves the mistake. Please add this label to your clients when they buy the game. If you have ordered the game and have not received such label, please contact the publisher. Thank you for your understaning.
Spielwiese Berlin
Kopernikusstraße 24
10245 Berlin
Telefon: +49(0)30 28034088
Fax: +49(0)30 28034087
info [at]


For the following games we offer sales aids. Simply send us a mail to order such items to

Please note that these sales aids can only be ordered for games that you have already ordered. Also, we like to point out that reselling of these items is not permitted. Naturally, you can use these items as free goodies for your customers.

  • Alliances (Golden Egg Games): Expanison cards
  • City Council (Golden Egg Games): Expanison cards
  • Dahschur (Mücke Spiele): Mini-Expansion “Privileges of the Pharao”
  • Dahschur (Mücke Spiele): Expansion“The felucca trader”
  • Der Siebenschläfer (Edition Siebenschläfer): A tinker card
  • Exposaurus (Mücke Spiele): Expansion with dino-Figure
  • Funkenschlag (2F-Spiele): Promo Cards
  • Funkenschlag (2F-Spiele): Promo wooden parts
  • Gobblestones (RnR Games): Cardboard counter
  • Mombasa (RnR Games): Dutch Rules
  • La Cosa Nostra (Hard Boiled Games): Poster DinA2, Post cards
  • Rome (RnR Games): Tile and meeples
  • Schwarzes Gold (Mücke Spiele): Expansion“Sour Lake”
  • Spellcaster (R&R Games): Promo Cards
  • Takamatsu (Mücke Spiele): Mini-Expansion“green Pagoda”
  • Takamatsu (Mücke Spiele): Mini-Expansion“green Samurai”
  • Urknall (Mücke Spiele): Mini-Expansion“Supernova”
  • Yunnan (Argentum Spiele): Mini-Expansion “Dian Mu Tempel”

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